Chemical Research in Toxicology Young Investigator Award

crt-titleChemical Research in Toxicology sponsors a Young Investigator’s Award and Symposium at the American Chemical Society’s National Meeting

Nature. The Award consists of a plaque and the recipient will organize a Symposium at the American Chemical Society National Meeting.

Eligibility: Candidates should be within 15 years of having received a Ph.D.

History. The past winners are:

2012: Yinsheng Wang

2013: Dean Naisbitt

2014: Shana Sturla

2015: Penny Beuning

2016: Yimon Aye

2017: Huiwang Ai

2018: Simon Chan

2019: Silvia Balbo

2020: Elijah Peterson

2021: Christie Sayes


Nominations: The nomination packet will consist of a nomination letter plus the candidate’s CV and may include up to two seconding letters. Nominations will carry over for two additional years as long as the nominee still meets eligibility requirements.

All nomination material should be sent electronically to:
Chemical Research in Toxicology Editorial Office: