Grover Miller

Grover P Miller earned Chemistry and Biochemistry BS degrees from Louisiana State Univ (1992) and a PhD under Stephen J. Benkovic from Penn State Univ (1997). He pursued postdoctoral research under F. Peter Guengerich at Vanderbilt Univ and earned an NIH NRSA Award. In 2001, he joined the Univ of Ark for Medical Sciences and rose to Assoc Prof in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2007) and Medical Bioinformatics (2016). He teaches medical, graduate, and undergraduate students about protein chemistry, enzymology, xenobiotic metabolism, and scientific communication. His research spans experimental and computational approaches to assess metabolic activation and detoxification of drugs, pollutants, and dietary compounds from the perspective of a chemist. He has delivered 25 invited lectures, published 42 journal articles, and authored 2 US patents. He serves on 3 editorial boards including World J Method, Drug Metab Dispos, and Drug Metab Rev. He served on 17 study sections including those for Amer Heart Assoc, Czech Sci Fdn, Austrian Sci Fund, La EPSCOR, TRI Pilot Fund (UAMS), Enhancement Grant for Res Pgm (Sam Houston State Univ), Universidad de Puerto Rico-Río Piedras Inst Res Fund, and the National Science Foundation (NSF) as well as chairing 4 Study Sections for the Amer Heart Assoc. He also chaired sessions at Regional (2008) and Natl ACS meetings (2014). Locally, he served as ACS Section Secretary (2011-2), Chair-Elect (2013), and Chair (2014-5) as well as Chair of Program (2013-4), Recruitment (2013-5), and Revision of Bylaws Committees (2011-2). In recognition of his efforts, he received 2 Outstanding ACS Service Awards (2011-2012).

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