Chemical Research in Toxicology publishes Articles, Rapid Reports, Chemical Profiles, Reviews, Perspectives, Letters to the Editor, and ToxWatch on a wide range of topics in Toxicology that inform a chemical and molecular understanding and capacity to predict biological outcomes on the basis of structures and processes. The overarching goal of activities reported in the Journal is to provide knowledge and innovative approaches needed to promote intelligent solutions for human safety and ecosystem preservation. The journal emphasizes insight concerning mechanisms of toxicity over phenomenological observations. Representative research includes:

  1. Studies concerning the molecular mechanisms by which physical, chemical, or biological agents or materials, interact with and perturb the normal function and/or structure of biological systems, including living organisms, cells, or biomolecules.
  2. Studies that address hypotheses concerning mechanisms of adverse or therapeutic responses, or contribute to the development of models of toxic/biological function on the basis of quantifying chemical, molecular and cellular responses to physical, chemical, or biological agents or materials.
  3. Studies involving data resulting from the high content characterization of molecular responses to agents from the use of bioanalytical approaches such as proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, genomics, high content imaging, multi-omics, etc. to characterize targeted patterns or global cellular responses, as well as studies that use novel or existing data to create new models for quantifying exposures or building predictive models of biological pathways or networks.
  4. The identification and characterization of potentially hazardous agents such as environmental contaminants, industrial chemicals, drugs, and drug-like molecules, natural products, biological toxins, and engineered nanomaterials, and the development and application of novel methodologies for their detection and/or characterizations of their interactions with biological systems or biomolecules.
  5. Studies concerning pathological biochemistry and molecular mechanisms of disease etiology involving exogenous as well as endogenous agents and/or molecular pathways or networks.

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