Special Symposium celebrating 35 years of Chemical Research in Toxicology in honor of Prof. Larry Marnett, CRT founding editor

25 Mar 2022

The Spring Virtual TOXI Meeting is this Fri March 25th.

Join us on ZOOM HERE.

We have a really great lineup planned and looking forward to connecting with you all. Meeting officially starts at 9:30 am CDT (GMT-5), however we are also excited to welcome colleagues from India as TOXI establishes more international collaborations and initiatives at 8:30 am CDT (GMT-5).

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TOXI Vision

Improving human health and protecting the environment

TOXI Mission

Empowering scientific exchange and collaboration to advance knowledge in chemistry and toxicology to positively impact society and sustainability


Interview with Awards Committee Chair, Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, Ph.D.

TOXI program featured symposia on Toxicants and Cellular Aging, TOXI 25th Anniversary Symposium, and Novel Assays in Drug Discovery & Development.

CRT Young Investigator Award was given to Christie Sayes, who organized session was organized a session focused on environmental contaminants.

John Essigmann received the TOXI Founders Award and organized a  symposium about the chemical biology of DNA damage.

TOXI Keynote Lecture "Biological monitoring and public health" was given by Dr. Patrick Breysse

Thank you to all who participated in the conference in person and virtually!


TOXI Student and postdoc awards for best oral and poster presentations:

Best undergraduate oral presentation: Kari Knobbe, Samuel Herndon

Best graduate student oral presentation:  Nikolai Püllen, Dominique Gaffney, Taylor Dodson

Best postdoctoral oral presentation: Shane Byrne, Shilpi Paul

Best undergraduate poster presentation: Mansi Kinare

Best graduate student poster presentation: Eric Carlson, Joseph Kaszubowski, Caitlin Jokipii Krueger

Best postdoc poster presentation: Arnold Groehler, Katherine Hurley