Integrative Analysis of ‘Omics Data for Identification of Pathways Related to Toxicity

22 Mar 2024  -  22 Mar 2024

Virtual symposium on Integrative Analysis of ‘Omics Data for Identification of Pathways Related to Toxicity

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266th ACS National Meeting - Harnessing the Power of Data

13 Aug 2023  -  17 Aug 2023

Call for Symposia Proposals

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Spring 2023 Virtual Symposium
Exploring the role of Artificial Intelligence in Toxicology

14 Apr 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool in the field of toxicology, offering the potential to streamline toxicity testing, reduce the use of animal testing, and improve human health risk assessment. AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of chemical data and predict toxicity levels, providing valuable insights into the safety of chemicals and drugs. Additionally, AI can be used to develop more accurate models of toxicological effects on the human body, allowing researchers to better understand the mechanisms of toxicity and develop safer products. Overall, AI has the potential to revolutionize toxicology, improving the efficiency and accuracy of toxicity testing while reducing the use of animal models and enhancing human health protection.

Join us on ZOOM HERE.
Meeting ID: 896 5927 9514
Password: 691616

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264nd ACS National Meeting • Sustainability in a Changing World

21 Aug 2022  -  25 Aug 2022

TOXI Program Committee Chair: Michael Trakselis, Baylor University

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Special Symposium celebrating 35 years of Chemical Research in Toxicology in honor of Prof. Larry Marnett, CRT founding editor

25 Mar 2022

The Spring Virtual TOXI Meeting is this Fri March 25th.

Join us on ZOOM HERE.

We have a really great lineup planned and looking forward to connecting with you all. Meeting officially starts at 9:30 am CDT (GMT-5), however we are also excited to welcome colleagues from India as TOXI establishes more international collaborations and initiatives at 8:30 am CDT (GMT-5).

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262nd ACS Fall 2021 • Resilience Of Chemistry

22 Aug 2021  -  26 Aug 2021

ACS Meetings & Expositions are where chemistry professionals meet to share ideas and advance scientific and technical knowledge. The opportunity to present research begins here. You'll find resources for submission and abstract management as well as the most current information for current abstract timelines.

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261st ACS Great Lakes Regional meeting

06 Jun 2021  -  09 Jun 2021

Chemical Research in Toxicology session at the ACS Great Lakes Regional meeting 2021

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Spring 2021 ACS Division of Chemical Toxicology Minisymposium/Meeting

26 Mar 2021  -  26 Mar 2021

Cellular Stress and Metabolism (15 min talks, 5 min questions)

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Personal Care Information for National Meeting Attendees

On-site child care is available through the ACS National Meeting. Those needing other personal care services, including elder care, are encouraged to contact your employee benefits office, as some employers offer access to national networks of personal care professionals.

Major national providers such as, Home Instead, and Visiting Angels provide services in the major metropolitan areas where ACS National Meetings are located.

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