Richard Loeppky, Ph.D.

The Division of Chemical Toxicology was founded in 1996 as a forum for the presentation and discussion of research and opportunities in chemical toxicology under the support and auspices of the American Chemical Society. The goals are to gain involvement and commitment from both academic and industrial scientists in order to identify programs directed at their respective needs, interests, and specialties. The collective perspective is that of the many chemists and biochemists whose research is focused on toxicology. The Division was initiated with a series of symposia at the Orlando meeting in 1996, and this has been followed by a succession of successful programs at ACS National Meetings. The Division’s first Chair was Prof. Richard N. Loeppky, of the University of Missouri at Columbia; the current chair is Prof. Natalia Tretyakova of the University of Minnesota.

Research among Division members is varied and strongly multidisciplinary, ranging from computational and synthetic chemistry to proteomics and metabolomics, drug discovery, drug metabolism and mechanisms of action, bioinformatics, bioanalytical chemistry, and molecular epidemiology. The Division is strongly associated with the ACS journal Chemical Research in Toxicology.

We’re thriving, with a current membership of over 1400.