Integrative Analysis of ‘Omics Data for Identification of Pathways Related to Toxicity

22 Mar 2024  -  22 Mar 2024

From 8 AM PST until 12 PM PST

At Virtual

Sarah Shook /

Our online symposium is scheduled for March 22nd, from 9 am to 12 pm PST. It focuses on the comprehensive analysis of 'Omics data, aiming to identify pathways that are related to toxicity.

We are privileged to have Feixiong Cheng from the Cleveland Clinic as our keynote speaker. His insights and expertise will undoubtedly enrich our understanding of the subject.

Confirmed Speakers:

Carolyn Klinge, University of Louisville
Feng Li, Baylor College of Medicine
Rebecca C. Fry, UNC

Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from the best in the field!

There are 40 people coming.

Look who's coming:

  • Volodymyr Tryndyak
  • Luke Erber
  • Marie Bourgeois
  • Anal Jana
  • Sarah Shuck
  • Md. Shiblur Rahaman
  • Shegufa Shetranjiwalla
  • Sathish Kokkula
  • Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma
  • Uzoamaka Nwagbo
  • Michael Trakselis
  • David Wallace
  • Bethicia Prasek
  • Grover P Miller
  • Dayoung Eom
  • Andrew T. Rajczewski
  • Yingchun Zhao
  • Morgan Arnold
  • Ralf Trapp
  • Erik Moran
  • Aaron Wright
  • Erik Rowland Janus
  • Brit Lewis-Morris
  • Mei-Chi Su
  • Alex Hurben
  • Appasaheb Nirpal
  • Huan Gong
  • Jessica Ponder
  • Clementina Mesaros
  • Catia Marques
  • Stacy Gelhaus
  • Gang Yan
  • Bolaji Oyetayo
  • Pedro Rosado
  • Ian Blair
  • Kassy Lopez
  • Feng Tang
  • Erik Rowland Janus
  • Linlin Zhao
  • Keilani Sun


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