July 2020 Newsletter

Message from Chair

TOXI Program
Career Panel
Call for Graduate Students and Postdocs to write Perspectives and Synopses of the 2020 ACS Virtual TOXI Session
Toxi member

Message from Chair

I hope you are all hanging in there. I regret there will be no physical opportunity for our annual gathering this year, but the program team, led by Prof. Penny Beuning, has been hard at work to create an on-line event that combines high quality science and the welcoming atmosphere we appreciate about the TOXI program at the ACS meeting. Thanks to all who have been involved!

In this special newsletter, you will find the re-formulated program and events. There will be a combination of live and on demand presentations, as well as informal meet the speakers and panel discussion, poster session. Students and Postdocs, also take special note of Awards and Participation Grant opportunities!

Shana Sturla
ETH Zurich
Chair, Division of Chemical Toxicology

TOXI Program

Penny Beuning (Program Chair) and Michael Trakselis (Program Chair Select) have created our Virtual Program at the ACS Meeting.  The summary of our Live Events is listed below.  Note in bold are Networking events, in which we can chat with speakers and other TOXI members.  See the full program on our Home Page or at http://www.acschemtox.org/2020-july-acs-program/ 

Program Summary


10:00 AM  Genome-Wide Perspectives on the Formation, Repair, and Consequences of DNA Damage
12:00 PM  TOXI business meeting
1:00 PM    Antibody Drug Conjugates
1:40  PM   Keynote Lecture, Cynthia Burrows
3:00 PM    Meet the speakers / Networking


10:00 AM Founders Award Symposium, Pete Dedon
12:00 PM Career Panel
1:00 PM  CRT Young Investigator Award, Elijah Peterson


10:00 AM Chemical Exposures and Impact on Health
12:00 PM Meet the speakers / Networking
1:00   PM Metabolism & Toxicity of Fluorine Compounds


10:00 AM.  Student & Post-Doctoral Scholar Symposium
12:00 PM  Meet the speakers / Networking
1:00 PM   Topics in Chemical Toxicology
3:00 PM   Meet the speakers / Networking
3:30 PM   Student & Post-Doctoral Scholar Presentation Awards


Career Panel

Call for Perspectives and Synopses

Call for Graduate Students and Postdocs to write Perspectives and Synopses of the 2020 ACS Virtual TOXI Session

If selected, students/postdocs are required to write a short half to full page text or create a graphic on the following opportunities.

  1. Interview and write perspective on TOXI Award Speakers. Keynote speaker—Cynthia Burrows, Founders Award – Pete Dedon, and CRT Young Investigator Elijah Peterson
  2. Synopses of Thematic TOXI Symposia
  3. Career Perspectives in light of COVID-19 challenges (Academic, Industrial, and New Faculty interviews)

Students/Postdocs will work with the Sessions Chairs to develop the Perspectives and Synopses for publication as ToxWatch articles  or editorials published in Chemical Research in Toxicology  TOXI Chair and Vice-Chair will facilitate interviews with several of the speakers. This is a great chance to get to know some of this year’s TOXI speakers.

Requests are due July 31 and should include: your CV, preference for specific opportunity listed above, and 1 paragraph on career goals and aspirations.

Email applications to ACS TOXI Vice Chair, Michael_Trakselis@baylor.edu

For those applications selected, your registration fee to the Virtual ACS Meeting will be reimbursed, and you will be a published CRT author. Do not register for the meeting before hearing back about your application. At least 15 registration scholarships may be awarded.
This is a great opportunity to connect with and be a part of the Chemical Toxicology (TOXI) division of the ACS and CRT author community.

Meet the Toxi-Member.

An important aspect in the ACS meeting that is missing with our virtual meeting is the person-to-person contact between you and your audience. As we view the posters and watch the virtual seminars, we learn about what you did but not who you are.  To help personalize the virtual meeting we will provide a forum for all participants to  introduce themselves.

We will post submissions at http://www.acschemtox.org/toxi-people/  An example is included.  I suggest a picture and links to profession and personal (but not too personal) websites.  Send information to Tom Spratt at tes13@psu.edu and we will upload your page.