TOXI 2020 ACS Program

There are two types of presentations, On-Demand and Live. The On-Demand presentations are available at any time, while you must be on line at the correct time (Pacific Daylight Time) to participate in the Live Events


On-Demand. Yang Jiang Genome-wide sequencing of 5′-aldehyde lesions resulting from DNA oxidation
On-Demand. Alessia Stornetta Analysis of double-stranded oligodeoxynucleotides crosslinked by the bacterial genotoxin colibactin using HILIC chromatography and high-resolution mass spectrometry
On-Demand. Yitzai Chen Sequence effects of 4-aminobiphenyl DNA lesion-induced mutational spectra
On-Demand. Medjda Bellamri Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of tobacco smoke carcinogens in human bladder cells
On-Demand. Ajit Narang Difficult path to simple: enabling discovery to development transition
On-Demand. Clare Thorp Development of a framework for evidence-based risk assessment of potential carcinogens in human diets
On-Demand. Adebola Adeyi Human exposure risk to dioxin-like PCBs in Nigeria
On-Demand. Jingshu Guo Development of DNA Adductome Mass Spectral Database
On-Demand. Fabrice Müller In vitro and in silico testing strategies for predicting human liver toxicity from foodborne chemicals
On-Demand. Jillian Kyzer Investigation of the mechanism of immunologic response to chronic opioid use
On-Demand. Yupeng Li Identification of N’-nitrosonornicotine (NNN)-specific DNA adduct N6-[4-hydroxy-1-(pyridine-3-yl)butyl]-2′-deoxyadenosine in rat liver
On-Demand. Jin Chen Identification and toxicity evaluation of carbonyl emissions from vaping of alcohol-containing flavored e-liquids
On-Demand. Kiara Fairman Contribution of parameter sensitivities to the predictive potential of pregnancy-induced pharmacokinetic changes for antihypertensives using physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling
On-Demand. Jingjing Sun Molecular beacon reporters of substrate specificity of DNA 8-oxoguanine glycosylase mutants
On-Demand. Akiko Ohno Application to toxicity evaluation of titanium dioxide nanoparticles based on physicochemical properties using multivariate analysis method
On-Demand. Caitlin Jokipii KruegeEndogenous versus exogenous sources of N7-(2,3,4-trihydroxybut-1-yl) guanine and N7-(1-hydroxyl-3-buten-1-yl) guanine DNA adducts
On-Demand. Kiyoshi Fukuhara Generation of reactive oxygen species following photoirradiation of nitromusks
On-Demand. Peyton Jacob 1-(3-Pyridinyl)-1,2-dihydroxyethane (3-pyridylethylene glycol) is excreted in smokers’ urine. Evidence for metabolic epoxidation of 3-ethenylpyridine from inhaled tobacco smoke
On-Demand. Mitra Geier Allyl isothiocyanate (AITC) hazard identification
On-Demand. Brando Brown Systematic review for DPR human health risk assessments: best practices as applied to case studies with allyl isothiocyanate, methomyl, and linuron
On-Demand. Jie Wang Structure and mutagenicity of cinnamaldehyde-induced DNA adducts
On-Demand. Michael DeMott Phosphorothioate DNA modification in human gut microbiome
On-Demand. Elijah Petersen Using a measurement science approach to Increase confidence in the EASA skin sensitization assay


Genome-Wide Perspectives on the Formation, Repair, and Consequences of DNA Damage

Organizer Sabrina Huber and Maureen McKeague
10:00 AM. Aaron Fleming Mechanistic Studies of 8-Oxoguanine in Non-canonical Structures Impacting Gene Expression
10:20 AM. Sarah Delaney Global repair fingerprinting of glycosylase activity on nucleosomes
10:40 AM. John Essigmann Mutational spectra provide insight into the mechanisms bridging DNA damage to genetic disease
11:00 AM. John Wyrick Mutational signatures induced by atypical UV photoproducts are associated with driver mutations in melanoma
11:20 AM. Cécile Mingard Polymerase ζ mutational spectrum following alkylating agent exposure
On-Demand. Maureen McKeague Genome-wide distribution profiles of DNA damage

TOXI business meeting

Organizer Shana Sturla
12:00 PM. Meeting

Antibody Drug Conjugates

Organizer Michael Trakselis and Sanjeev Gangwar
1:00 PM. Melissa Schutten Investigating nonclinical strategies to modify PBD Antibody Drug Conjugate-related toxicities
1:20 PM. Jagath Reddy Junutula Insights to developing nextgen antibody drug conjugates
On-Demand Carolyn BertozziMultifunctional biologics for extracellular targeted degradation
On-Demand Peter Senter Potent antibody-based conjugates for cancer therapy: From early stage research to clinically approved drugs and beyond
On-Demand Willy Solis Nonclinical safety evaluation of site-specific antibody-drug conjugates

Keynote Lecture

Organizer Natalia Tretyakova
1:40 PM. Cynthia Burrows Free radical oxidation of guanine in DNA—mutagenic or epigenetic?

Meet the speakers/networking

Organizer Natalia Tretyakova and Maureen McKeague
3:00 PM. Networking


Founders Award Symposium

Organizer Kent Gates
10:00 AM. Samie Jaffrey Chemical methods for detecting and quantifying nucleotide modifications in mRNA
10:25 AM. Thomas Begley Epitranscriptomic Marks Translationally Regulate Stress Response Programs to Protect Against Environmental Insults
10:50 AM. Richard Gregory Role of the ‘Epitranscriptome’ in gene regulation and cancer
11:15 AM. Peter Dedon Old becomes new in the epi-verse of DNA and RNA modifications

Career Panel

Organizer Michael Trakselis
12:00 PM. Michael Trakselis TOXI Career Panel – Discussion and Advice for Students and Postdocs in a Challenging Year

CRT Young Investigator Award

Organizer Shana Sturla
1:00 PM. Menghang Xia Profiling environmental chemicals using in vitro qHTS methods
1:25 PM. Monita Sharma In Vitro approaches for assessing respiratory toxicity
1:50 PM. Vytas Reipa Measurement issues in the phototoxicity of nanomaterials
2:15 PM. Elijah Petersen Advances in the reliability of nanotoxicity assays


Chemical Exposures and Impact on Health

Organizer Robert Turesky and Sarah Shuck
10:00 AM. Kurt Pennell Application of high-resolution mass spectrometry for assessment of environmental exposures and metabolic responses
10:20 AM. Jamie DeWitt Mechanisms of toxicity for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances: Are we there yet?
10:40 AM. Jon Sobus EPA’s research initiatives on non-targeted analyses of environmental chemicals
11:00 AM. Pamela Lein Sulfated persistent organic pollutants (POPs): mechanistic studies of an emerging class of neurotoxic chemicals
11:20 AM. David Balshaw NIEHS efforts in exposure science and the exposome

Meet the speakers

Organizer Shana Sturla and Kent Gates
12:00 PM. Networking

Metabolism & Toxicity of Fluorine Compounds

Organizer Nicholas Meanwell and F. Peter Guengerich
1:00 PM. Nicholas Meanwell Applications of fluorine in drug design
1:20 PM. Benjamin Johnson Metabolic and Pharmaceutical Aspects of Fluorinated Compounds
1:40 PM. Qiuwei Xu Assessment of Defluorination of Fluorinated Drugs in Animal Models
2:00 PM. Peter Jeschke “Latest generation of fluorine-containing agrochemicals”


Student & Post-Doctoral Scholar Symposium

Organizer Erin Prestwich and Ujjal Sarkar
10:00 AM. Yupeng Li Investigation of 2′-deoxyadenosine-derived adducts specially formed in rat liver by N’-nitrosonornicotine (NNN) metabolism
10:15 AM. John Terrell “Covalent binding of anthracyclines to AP sites in DNA suggest an unstudied mechanism of cytotoxicity from chemotherapeutic regimens”
10:30 AM. C. M. Sabbir Ahmed Integrative analysis of lncRNA-mRNA co-expression in human lung epithelial cells exposed to dimethyl selenide (DMSe)-derived secondary organic aerosols
10:45 AM. Katherine Hurley Biosynthesis of acrolein with a coupled enzyme system to emulate continuous acrolein production by gut microbiota
11:00 AM. Suresh Pujari Synthesis, structural confirmation, and detection of EB-FAPy-dG and DEB-FAPy-dG adducts in human cells
11:15 AM. Junzhou Wu Derivatization of phosphorothioate DNA modifications by direct chemical conjugation
On-Demand Susanne Geisen Chemical mechanism of O6-carboxymethyldeoxyguanine formation from azaserine and abundance in cells
On-Demand Miao Li Development of the generic pregnancy physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model to support regulatory evaluations of the safety and efficacy of therapeutic agents
On-Demand Matthew Cranford Locating the second polymerase switch: Where resumption of replication limits the length of translesion synthesis

Meet the speakers/networking

Organizer F. Peter Guengerich and Sarah Shuck
12:00 PM. Networking

Topics in Chemical Toxicology

Organizer Penny Beuning and Linlin Zhao
1:00 PM. Jinghsu Guo Targeted and untargeted screening of DNA adducts in the genome of prostate cancer patients
1:15 PM. Gunnar Boysen Detection and discrimination of DNA adducts differing in size, regiochemistry and functional group by nanopore sequencing
1:30 PM. Lisa Peterson Acrolein increases the pulmonary tumorigenic activity of the tobacco specific nitrosamine, 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (NNK)
1:45 PM. Orlando Scharer Replicative and translesion synthesis DNA polymerases in ICL repair
2:00 PM. Zucai Suo Identification and investigation of a novel function of the RuvC nuclease of CRISPR/Cas9
2:15 PM. Linlin Zhao Mitochondrial DNA degradation: The potential moonlighting function of mitochondrial transcription factor A
2:30 PM. Sunghwan Kim Toxicological information in PubChem
On-Demand. Nicholas Geacintov Impact of molecular structure and DNA adduct conformation on the repair and helicase-driven DNA unwinding step in human cell-free assays
On-Demand. Vladimir Shafirovich Interplay of nucleotide excision repair and base excision repair pathway in plasmid DNA substrates harboring oxidatively generated guanine lesions
On-Demand. James Yan Evaluation of persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic chemicals under the Frank R. Lautenberg chemical safety for the 21st century act
On-Demand. Michael Stone Structure of a stable interstrand DNA crosslink involving a ?-N-Glycosyl linkage between an N6-dA amino group and abasic (AP) site

Meet the speakers/networking

Organizer Linlin Zhao
3:00 PM. Networking

Student & Post-Doctoral Scholar Presentation Awards

Organizer Penny Beuning
3:30 PM. Awards