October 2019 Newsletter. Message from Chair

October 2019 Newsletter

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Message from Chair

Shana Sturla
Shana Sturla

Dear Members of the Division of Chemical Toxicology

I hope this newsletter finds you well and eager to hear about our outstanding candidates for openings in the Executive Committee as well as the recent successes of our members and activities at the Fall ACS meeting in San Diego at the end of August!

Our division is comprised of over 1,000 scientific members, about half student members at various stages of training, and half members in regular standing. Our major goals are to provide a forum for communicating research in the field of chemical toxicology, promoting research in this area, and to support education and career development opportunities.  These efforts are organized by the members of the Executive Committee of the Division, and supported by members of the various committees they lead.   Executive Committee members volunteer their time, energy, and creativity to advance the goals of the division and provide outstanding opportunities for all members. As Chair of the division, I lead this great committee, and it is now the time of year for new members to be elected. Our Nominations Committee has identified nominees who are ready to serve the division in the positions that need to be filled for 2020—the open positions and Scientific Bios of current candidates can be found in this newsletter: http://www.acschemtox.org/biosketches-2019/.

You are now invited to nominate additional candidates for the Exec Committee—you can do this by directly sending your nominations to me at sturlas@ethz.ch within the next week please. You will all thereafter receive a personalized link to vote for Exec Committee members….please vote!

Looking back at our Scientific Program at the ACS National Meeting in San Diego, I would like to enthusiastically acknowledge Professor Tom Spratt who has served as Program Chair for three years of excellent programming. The 2020 Programming is well underway under the leadership of our new Program Chair, Professor Penny Beuning. Stay tuned for highlights of the upcoming program in our next newsletter and follow the activities of members during the meeting and throughout the year on Facebook and Twitter.

Please enjoy reading further in this newsletter about the meeting, particularly including introductions of our amazing student and postdoc presentation and travel award winners. Congratulations and keep up the great work! You are the future of our scientific community and the Padres, Red Sox and Dodgers fans in San Diego this August were all cheering for you!!

Shana Stura
Division of Chemical Toxicology